All about EM Tick Collars

How do the collars work?


All about EM® technology and how these amazing natural tick collars protect your pet.

Caring for your collar


Care instructions to help you get the most out of your collar.

Design Your Collar!


The FUN part! Design your collar - choose from over 60 cord colours & a variety of "bling" options.



Most items can be shipped throughout Canada, the U.S. and Internationally. Fees are based on weight, number of items, shipping method, and shipping distance.

*NOTE - Liquids and balms cannot be shipped due to risk of damage/spoiling. 


If your order does not arrive as ordered, we will accept the item(s) back in the original and unused condition within 7 days of receipt. Your items will be re-made and shipped as quickly as possible.

If your item is damaged in shipment, please let me know right away and I will replace your item as soon as possible or provide a refund. 

We DO NOT offer refunds if you provided the wrong measurements, or just changed your mind about your order :)

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of ordering, providing I have not already begun processing it.

These collars are not indestructible. The clay pipes can be damaged or broken during play or if chewed. We cannot provide refunds for collars damaged due to wear and tear, We recommend removing collars during play.

Are These Items Guaranteed to Work?

Simply put, no. Just like any tick product on the market (including the ones prescribed by your veterinarian), I cannot guarantee these products will work for your pet. I can only tell you from my own personal experience and the experiences of over 1000 other pet parents in the Ottawa area, that we have used these collars for several years and have successfully remained tick-free.  This includes walking through the bush, playing at the cottage and being in high-risk areas. We hope you will have the same success! 

Note that we do not offer refunds should this product not work for you.

We do not have any definitive results to indicate these collars work to protect against fleas - we personally have never had fleas but we do not claim that these will work to prevent them.


We accept payment via email money transfer PayPal, or major credit card. Payment must be received before order processing will begin.

Do The Collars Need to be Snug?

No. The natural tick collars can be looser-fitting than a regular collar - to be worn as an accessory (like a necklace). 

If your pet is a chewer, we recommend using a buckle or lobster clasp and keeping the collar more snug. 

The toggle clasp offers a looser fit with a bit of room for adjustment (great for growing pups).

A TICK COLLAR SHOULD NEVER HAVE A LEASH ATTACHED! These collars are not built to withstand the strength of a dog pulling on a leash. These are built to be an accessory!

How Do I Measure Properly?

The best way to get a proper collar measurement is to use a sewer's measuring tape (cloth) and measure snugly around the largest part of your dog's neck.

If you are ordering a buckle clasp, please provide the EXACT measurement of your dog's neck, where their regular collar sits.

It is NOT a good idea to measure your dog's regular collar, as this does not always provide an accurate measurement.


Please be advised that there is no guarantee that these natural products will work for your pet. I am not a veterinary professional, and just like any veterinary tick preventative, I cannot provide any guarantee. There are over 1000 families in Canada & the US who have used our products with success, meaning, no ticks or a great reduction in the # of ticks compared to other preventatives used previously. I am simply providing you with my own personal success and testimonials from other pet parents who have achieved tick-free results from using EM® Tick Collars. The content on this site is not intended to replace that of your veterinarian.

homeoPAWthic is not responsible for any injury or loss associated with the use of these products.