About Us

Who are we?


Hi! I'm Allison and dogs are my life :) First and foremost, I am "Mom" to 3 rescue dogs: Carli, a Potcake from the Bahamas, Grace, a Potcake from Turks & Caicos and Flyer, a Jampup from Jamaica. You can see them featured in the photo gallery wearing their Natural Tick Collars :)

I am a certified Canine Nutritionist and I am passionate about helping pet owners improve the health of their pets.

My Qualifications


I have earned a certificate in Canine Nutrition and have been helping clients with my consultation business, The Pet Chef, for over 4 years. I specialize in helping pet owners wade through the vast amount of information and misinformation available in today's "Dr. Google" age. I love to help pets who have health issues, by improving their diet and offering natural solutions to things like flea & tick control.

In addition to my certification, I have also complete the following training:

  • Nutrition for Veterinary Technicians Course from University of Guelph
  • Currently studying in the Animal Herbalism course through The Possible Canine
  • Member of College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies
  • Canine Cancer Tutorial - The Possible Canine
  • Super Tutorial- Nutrition & Herbs for Common Canine Conditions - The Possible Canine
  • Canine Nutrition & Formulation Course - The Raw Vet (Dr. Charlotte Grey)
  • Yearly Canine Nutrition Conferences such as the Canine Natural Health Symposium
  • I am constantly learning taking courses and keeping up to date with the newest advancements in Canine Nutrition

In my volunteer time, I work in dog rescue - committed to saving as many island dogs from the Caribbean as possible. This has given me great experience in implementing natural therapies - most notably a natural heartworm disease protocol - to help these often sick and malnourished dogs get back to better health!



Q: Where are you located?

I live in Ottawa, ON and all items in the store are shipped from my home location. Nutrition Consultations are done remotely via email, or remote audio/video call.

Q: How do I know you are qualified to help my pet (nutrition consult)?

Please see the "My Qualifications" page here for my educational background and work experience.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee on your products?

Simply put, no. Just like any tick product on the market (including the ones prescribed by your veterinarian), I cannot guarantee these products will work for your pet. I can only tell you from my own personal experience and the experiences of hundreds of pet parents in Ontario, that we have used these collars for 4 years and have successfully remained tick-free.  This includes walking through the bush, playing at the cottage and being in high-risk areas. We hope you will have the same success! 

Note that we do not offer refunds should this product not work for you.

We do not have any definitive results to indicate these collars work to protect against fleas - we personally have never had fleas but we do not claim that these will work to prevent them.

Q. How long does shipping take?

You can use the shipping calculator at check-out to get a delivery timeframe or, if you prefer to email me before ordering, I can let you know when to expect your order.

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