All about EM Tick Collars

How do the collars work?

All about EM technology and how these amazing natural tick collars protect your pet.

Caring for your collar

Care instructions to help you get the most out of your collar.

Design Your Collar!

The FUN part! Design your collar - choose from over 60 cord colours & a variety of "bling" options.

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Please be advised that there is no guarantee that these natural products will work for your pet. I am not a veterinary professional, and just like any veterinary tick preventative, I cannot provide any guarantee. There are over 100 pet parents in the Ottawa area who have used these products with success, meaning, no ticks. I am simply providing you with my own personal success and testimonials from other at parents who have achieved tick-free success from using EM Tick Collars. The content on this site is not intended to replace that of your veterinarian.

homeoPAWthic is not responsible for any injury or loss associated with the use of these products.