A chat about how collars work and answering some FAQs with Allison, owner of HomeoPAWthic.

How the Natural Tick Collars Work

homeoPAWthic Tick Collars us EM® Technology. EM® is an acronym for Effective Microorganisms®., a brand name referring to a family of microbial-based products using a technology developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa.  These microorganisms are baked into special clay pipes which use beneficial microbes, creating a synergy among microorganisms and larger forms of life including insects and worms, pets and livestock, and people. 

EM® Ceramics emit far infrared waves. Far Infrared waves are the longest rays in the light spectrum. This wavelength is highly compatible with human tissue. The body can absorb them easily at depths up to 3 inches, where they can do lots of good work. Far Infrared waves remove blood cell clusters and this improves blood circulation. Because the infrared rays penetrate the tissue, they work deep into body tissue, not just on the surface of the skin. Far infrared waves generate a warming effect by activating cells. NASA uses Far Infrared wave technology in the space suits of their astronauts.

It is the synergistic environment created by the EMs that makes the body more resistant to ticks. Try this chemical-free, alternative to enhance your blood flow. Increased blood circulation removes toxins from muscles and internal organs, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall body function. Good for people and pets. 

homeoPAWthic EM® collars feature these EM® Ceramic pipes to make your dog more resistant to pests such as ticks.  The EMs are the only "active ingredient" in these collars - nothing else! There are no known adverse effects or contraindications using EM Technology.

I have personally been using these products for several years and over 1000 customers report the same results I have had since using these collars - NO ticks!  

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Collar Effectiveness

Additional Information

The key with ANY tick preventative is early detection - even the veterinary preventatives. Most topical/oral veterinary preventatives do not stop ticks from biting your dog, they simply kill the tick after it bites. After the tick bites, it can take 24-48 hrs to die and Lyme disease can be transmitted during this die-off period. 

With EM® Natural Tick Collars, you have the added benefit of making your dog less susceptible to tick bites as they "repel" them.

No prevention method is 100% and the key is to remove ticks as soon as you find them, so checking daily is key. If they are removed within 24 hours, the risk of transmission is quite low. If the tick is not engorged, then it has most likely NOT had time to transmit any diseases it may have carried.

Wear & tear on the clay pipes, dirt, oil for from skin and contact with chemicals will all decrease the effectiveness of the EMs. The clay pipes should be maintained regularly to keep dirt and debris free from the pipes, including inside. To help loosen dirt that may be inside the pipes, rotate them while rinsing under warm water. Sunlight is good for the EMs so after washing, place them in the sun to dry. Our paracord is mold resistant & quick drying!

Collars should be replaced yearly in general - some may need to replace more frequently if there is extra wear and tear and others may be able to extend this. It is dependent on the dog/lifestyle, but generally a good idea to replace each "tick season". 

These collars work well for MOST pets and humans, but they seem to work better for some than others.